Prof. Javad Taghizadeh Firouzjaee

Research Focus: Black Hole Physics | Dark Energy | Dark Matter | Data Science | Radio Astronomy | Quantum Information


Dr. Saeed Fakhry

Research Focus: Dark sectors | Black holes | Large Scale Structure | Relativistic Astrophysics

Seyed Sajad Tabasi

Research Focus: 21-cm Cosmology | Primordial Black Holes | AGNs

Mina Ghodsi

Research Focus: Dark Energy | Dark matter | Large Scale Structures 


Arta Khosravi

Research Focus: Computational Cosmology | Active galactic nuclei | Accretion disks | | Astronomical Data Corrections

Sara Gholamhosseinian

Research Focus: 21SSD Simulation | Epoch of Reionization | Radio Observations

Maryam Vazirnia

Research Focus: Data Analysis in Astronomy | Supermassive Black holes | Astronomical Data Corrections

Bahareh Soleimanpour Salmasi

Research Focus: 21-cm Cosmology | Epoch of Reionization | Intergalactic Medium Thermal History | Large Scale Structures | Dark Energy | Dark matter 


Alireza Karamzadeh

Research Focus: Active galactic nuclei | Accretion disks

Lily Mobahat

Research Focus: 21SSD Simulation | Epoch of Reionization | Radio Observations


Ali Bagheri Koochaksaraei

Research Focus: 21SSD Simulation | Epoch of Reionization | Radio Observations

Mahdi Najafi

Research focus: Tension in cosmology | Dark sectors | Large scale structures

Pouriya Khalilian

Research Focus: Machine Learning | Reinforcement Learning | Data Sciense | LIBS Spectroscopy

Ali Tizfahm

Research focus: Gravitational waves | Gravitational lensing | Dark matter

Masoume Reyhani Darbandi

Research focus: Dark Sectors | Modified gravity | Cosmic microwave background


Amirali Zendehdel Aghdam

Research Focus: Primordial Black Holes | Early Universe | Inflation


Samira Aslani

Research Focus: Active Galactic Nuclei | JWST Dataset | Supermassive Black Holes

S. Mobina Hosseini

Research Focus: 21cmFAST Simulation | Epoch of Reionization | Machine Learning in Cosmology

Hojatollah Fathi

Research Focus: Radio Astronomy | Data-Driven Astronomy | Computational Cosmology

Ehsan Mahdavi

Research Focus: Planet 9 Mystery | Astronomical Observations

Andrew Sharifikia

Research Focus: Quantum Machine Learning | Quantum Computing | Quantum Information 

Mahsa Berahman

Research Focus: Primordial Black Holes | Planet 9 Mystery | Gravitational Waves

Narges Khezri

Research Focus: Quantum Circuits | Quantum Computing | Quantum Information