Cosmological effect at large scale structure

Large Scale Structure (LSS) refers to patterns of galaxies and matter on a much larger scale than individual galaxies or clusters. In the same way gravity on smaller scales pulls gas particles into stars and stars into galaxies, on larger scales, it pulls galaxies and matter into these patterns, which often resemble spider webs because of the filaments and voids between galaxies. Scientists have referred to this as the cosmic web. LSS provides scientists with information about the universe’s gravity. Over time, gravity is attracting more and more matter together, clustering the universe ever further. Dark energy, however, slows down the process of gravity creating large structures. Because the universe is expanding more rapidly, matter must travel a greater distance to come together. Observing large-scale structures over time provides scientists with insight into gravity and dark energy and how they may change as the Universe evolves. As part of the LSS study, the nature of dark energy, how it affects the dynamics of the Universe, the connection between LSS and galaxy formation, and cosmological tensions in cosmology will be addressed.